Experiences - 1883 Maison Routin

Drink Design®

At the core of the experience, a syrup, a vision, a sound, an emotion. As a catalyst, the intense desire to recount, to share, to unite disciplines through an inspired ritual to reveal all the intensity of an original, ephemeral, unforgettable drink. Then comes the orchestration. The meeting of Drink Designers from all over the world around a unified concept, where each one distills his or her perception, feelings and inspiration. It is at this point of convergence that Drink Design® and the Collective come to life. 


Diverging expertise, converging minds, talents co-construct the drink experience in all its aspects. The combination of tastes, the association of food with drinks, the selection of glasses and the scenography, the elaboration of the storytelling, the sound… the multi-sensorial story is crystallized.


Set off for a jaunt on the trail of the gorgeous Madeleine. A hectic swirl of a day, laced with sassy and revolutionary notes. A hymn to life, to good times, to Parisian chic and the mellow fragrance of France.

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This is a red dot, like an emotional starting point to be tasted, an expert vertical, an appetizer… 3 variations of red.

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To drink in one go, speed, shot, hip-hop, bam! boom! To see life from above, to dominate the world and spread your wings to grab the present. Soaring over the skyscrapers. Be that hero. Think XXL. To fly away and break the sound barrier! Swing ! Vertical impression: you go up and down. There is a roller coaster in this tasting.

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The baobab is the tree of life, the guardian of the past, present and future.

Here is the affogato, it is a milky ice cream made from 1883 Baobab Syrup to be melted or eaten with a spoon. The root is the anchor, taste and feel the acidic notes of the beet, the subtlety

of the baobab and its herbal notes. Now break the clay crust and dip the beet cube marinated in 1883 Baobab Syrup and lemon juice then cooked in a clay crust in baobab water.

The earthiness is softened by the roundness of the baobab.

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This drink has the nobility of the dragon, the great walls and the imperial palaces… It blows on the world, sometimes slowly, roundness of Tai-chi, sometimes furiously like a tongue of fire. It is an offering that reveals itself but never completely.

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Take the time to savour together an ephemeral enchantment like that sacred moment the Japenese celebrate every year to remember the  importance and beauty of the present moment…through the magisterial burst of cherry blossoms and their oration in a shower of delicate petals.

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What if you could feel like a newborn baby, recapture the taste of childhood and drink in a caring moment ?

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