1883 Nuclear Daiquiri - 1883 Maison Routin

1883 Nuclear Daiquiri

A very popular and trendly twist of the classic cuban cocktail Daiquiri, created in 2005 by Greygor de Gruyther at Lab Bar London. Normally it is a straight up drink but introduces here in a twist “on the rocks”.

associated_syrup 1883 Falernum Syrup


    2cl 1883 Falernum syrup
    3cl White overproof Rum
    2cl green Chartreuse
    3cl lime juice
    2cl stil water


    Pour all the ingredients in a small shaker tin.
    Fill of ice.
    Shake hard for 10 seconds.
    Strain in an Old Fashioned glass on the rocks.
    Garnish with a int sprig, almonds, cloves, ginger and a lime wedge.