Banana & Cookie Split - 1883 Maison Routin

Banana & Cookie Split

A deconstructed, indulgent adaptation of the famous dessert, with a pure American coffee shop presentation.

associated_syrup 1883 Chocolate Cookie Syrup


    1 scoop vanilla ice cream
    1 scoop strawberry ice cream
    1 banana
    4cl 1883 Chocolate Cookie syrup
    6cl milk chocolate
    8cl chilled full cream milk


    Make the milk chocolate by melting chocolate powder in hot milk, then leaving to cool.
    Pour the vanilla ice cream, chocolate cookie syrup, sliced banana and cold milk chocolate into a blender and blitz until you obtain a smooth texture.
    Pour into a large hurricane glass.
    Place a scoop of strawberry ice cream on the mixture in the glass, and add chilled full cream milk: the ice cream will rise.
    Decorate with flaked almonds, strawberry, and banana.