Caramel cream, crusty spiced biscuits - 1883 Maison Routin

Caramel cream, crusty spiced biscuits


associated_syrup 1883 Caramel Syrup


    40g 1883 Caramel syrup
    5cl water
    Half a liter whole milk
    40g spiced biscuits
    4 eggs
    1 vanilla pod cut in half lengthwise (or a bag of vanilla sugar)
    125g caster sugar


    Whip eggs and sugar to an homogeneous mixture.
    Warm the milk, the vanilla pod and the 1883 Caramel syrup, stop when it begins to boil.
    Then add the eggs and the sugar and mix together well.
    Pour into small cups, then bake in water bath in a 160°C oven until firm to touch.
    Crumble the spiced biscuits and add them to the cooked cream.