Nutty Cloud - 1883 Maison Routin

Nutty Cloud

A warm, distinguished drink that calls for a certain style of serving to ensure optimal visual appeal.

associated_syrup 1883 Pistachio Syrup
associated_syrup 1883 Chocolate Syrup


    2cl 1883 Chocolate syrup
    chocolate and plain-milk foams
    16cl milk
    1cl 1883 Pistachio syrup


    Fill a clear toddy glass 2/3 full with milk foam (made by hand or with a siphon).
    Add the chocolate syrup, which will settle at the bottom.
    Present the foams carefully.
    Heat up some milk In a teapot and incorporate the syrup.
    Pour the hot mixture onto the foams.
    Sprinkle with crushed pecans and almonds.