Venezuelan Cookie - 1883 Maison Routin

Venezuelan Cookie

A pleasant alternative to round off a meal, this delectable and indulgent cocktail centres on chocolate and coffee.

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    5cl venezuelan rum
    2cl 1883 Chocolate Cookie syrup
    12cl coffee (diluted espresso)
    White chocolate mousse
    10cl 1883 White Chocolate syrup


    To make the white chocolate mousse, melt a sheet of gelatine in 40cl of full cream milk, pour the mixture into a 50cl siphon with 10cl of 1883 White Chocolate syrup, insert an N2O canister and allow to rest in the fridge; shake well before serving.
    Pour the syrup and rum into a (heatproof) toddy glass and stir.
    Then pour the just-drawn hot coffee, stir, and cover with mousse from the siphon.
    Decorate with cookie crumbs, cocoa powder, and white-chocolate shavings.