Very Hot Passion Tea - 1883 Maison Routin

Very Hot Passion Tea

A complex hot drink with spicy Mexican notes. Guaranteed to raise the temperature.

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    2cl 1883 Passion Fruit syrup
    4cl Reposado Tequila
    1cl Smoked mezcal
    1cl Chili liqueur
    12cl Assam tea with star anise


    Put a few pieces of star anise and the Assam tea in a tea maker and fill with hot water.
    Infuse at length, until the tea is slightly bitter and the anise flavour is evident enough.
    Pour the syrup and the alcoholic ingredients in a pre-heated Toddy glass, stir, and add the tea/star anise infusion.
    Frost one-third of the glass with sal de Gusano (a Mexican spice for serving with mezcal: salt, chili and agave worm) and decorate with a sweet chili.