Virgin Cherry Cosmo - 1883 Maison Routin

Virgin Cherry Cosmo

An alcohol-free version of the famous American cocktail, with lush cherry notes. Success guaranteed.

associated_syrup 1883 Triple Sec Syrup Virgin Cherry Cosmo
associated_syrup 1883 Cherry Syrup Virgin Cherry Cosmo


    For 1L/4 glasses :
    10cl 1883 Cherry syrup
    5cl 1883 Triple Sec syrup
    10cl lime juice
    25cl cranberry juice
    50cl water or ice cubes


    To be made in a blender or a Granita machine.
    Pour all the ingredients in the blender and top up with crushed ice.
    For the Granita machine, you can top up with a quantity of water equivalent to the products used.
    Blitz or freeze, and serve in giant Martini-type glasses.
    Garnish with red berry fruits and orange peel.